The goal of this initiative is to show staff in the social services sector, that since they care for individuals, we care for them.

It is a passion of mine for us to do better at supporting staff. We need to recognize how challenging the work is and help create progressive ideas to reduce turnover.

I thought I would start by doing a few gifts a month for staff. In the first 3 months, I delivered 27 gifts. All someone has to do is email me a name and a workplace. I don’t need to know why they might deserve something since everyone can use a positive reminder. I try to personalize the gifts and enjoy making it a surprise. I want to give back to non-profit and social services staff who need a bit of a reminder they matter. We all know how hard the work can be and it is even more now with the pandemic.

The great part was to then align this with supporting local YYC businesses. It has been great learning about local businesses, building relationships with them and supporting them at the same time.

In December I created a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $2000 so I could provide 100 gifts to frontline staff who put themselves at risk every day. The gifts will especially be going to those working in shelters, supported living situations and doing outreach. Any extra money raised will go towards keeping the personalized monthly gifts going.

If you have any questions, want to suggest a local business or recommend a frontline worker then please contact me.

Bringing cards and treats for workers at a Youth Health Centre.